Blueprint for Downtown Atlanta Georgia
IncSmart Georgia (Small Business and Startups)Atlanta has created it's development plan for downtown.  The city council is adding more than $4 billion in public and private investment programs.  The development plan is a 10 year wish list.  This is on top of the $4 billion in recent projects such as Railroad Gulch, Philips Arena and the sale of Underground Atlanta and the Atlantic Civic Center.  A green project is also emerging to plant over 10,000 tress to help remove the urban island heat problems, at the same time filtering pollution and east the noise of city streets. 

Downtown is also attraction over 15 million visitors a year.  With the new downtown plan, the city will also add over 10,000 new residents and improve the transportation business choices.  The goal is to make the downtown area the place to live in Atlanta.  As they create a collection of neighborhoods, they want people to have a choice to live and work with bike and walk paths.  The arts centers and culture centers make the location even more attractive.  The city has also just completed the largest annexation in years.  They just added 750 acres to the eastside with moving Emory University and the Centers for Disease Control to the city limits.
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