Ark Crowds in Kentucky
IncSmart Kentucky (Small Business and Startups) - Two new major attractions are open in Northern Kentucky.  The Creation Museum and now the completion of the Ark Encounter.  10,000 visitors in one day , are coming into Kentucky and Ohio from all over the world.  A state commissioned study predicted that the Ark Encounter would draw 325,000 visitors the first year. The Ark reached that figure in less than three months. The Ark Encounter occupies 800 acres in Williamstown, Kentucky on Interstate 75. The site is 40 miles south from Cincinnati. 

Owners of the tourist attractions say they are desperately needed to handle the Ark crowds.  The economic benefits to the region are growing.  The 510 foot long Noah’s Ark is the major draw.  More entrepreneurs are needed.  The area is asking for additional hotels to accommodate the visitors.   They are adding a new parking lot to accommodate 1,200 more vehicles.  Several hundred jobs have been created since the attractions started.   Tourism support businesses have also added hundreds of employees.   The total number of employees now at the attractions is over 950 people.
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