Arizona Company Plans Orbital Flights
IncSmart Arizona (Small Business and Startups) -Vector Space Systems, an Arizona company, is going into orbital flights business.  They just announced plans to build a bigger facility for it's new venture of small rockets and the new generation of smaller satellites.  The newest generation of satellites are much smaller, about 1 square foot of space.  The rocket, called Vector R, is 45 feet long and it's designed to boost a small satellite from the cone of the rocket into low Earth orbit. The launch fees will drop form $60 million to $1 million. 

The Tucson based microsatellite launch startup, has plans for a 92,000 square foot factory north of Tucson International Airport.  The building should be completed by early  2019.  They are projecting to launch 100  rockets a year to start , and already have a backlog of booked flights.  They currently employ 80 people but will have over 200 employees.  
By IncSmart Staff Writer

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