Apple Builds New Campus in Texas
IncSmart Texas (Small Business and Startups) - Apple announces plans to build a new campus in Austin Texas.  The new plant will be less than one mile from it's current location in Palmer.  The first building will be open in three years.  Austin is becoming a high tech city set to overcome the Silicon Valley in San Jose.  Dell Technologies, Oracle Corp, Google, Facebook and Amazon are already located in the city.  Real estate values are on the rise.  Both residential and commercial.  

Apples new facility will cover 130 acres on Robinson Ranch nd will be powered by renewable energy.  The initial employee numbers will be 5000 but should grow to 15,000.  This will make Apple, Austin's largest employer.  The company already employs over 6000 people at it's current location.  Austin has also had major development across the city, with an increase in demand for contractors and subcontractors.  
By IncSmart Staff Writer

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