Apple $1 Billion California Commitment
IncSmart California (Small Business and Startups) - Apple announces a $1 billion fund to create U.S. manufacturing jobs.  The Apple investment will have more information by the end of the month.  Creating manufacture jobs will also have an investment in training and programming to help people secure employment with this tech company.  The Trump administration is threatening to impose tariffs on Chinese imports.  This will increase prices on IPhones and IPads, and puts pressure on Apple to make its products in the United States.

The states with the highest concentration of employees are California and Texas.  California employs over 35 thousand people, many in the Silicon Valley.  Support business from suppliers account for over 450,000 employees and over $50 billion is sales.  However the bay area has the highest rental market in the country.  Locals spend over half of their income on rent. 
By Sandy Roberts

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Date 5/4/2017

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