Amazon's Kentucky Air Hub
IncSmart Kentucky (Small Business and Startups) - Amazon's new Kentucky air hub just broke ground in the suburb of Cincinnati.  Amazon is investing 1.4 billion dollars on its new delivery location.  Amazon will lease 900 acres of land from the airport for 50 years.  The building will be the largest in Kentucky.  The new air hub will enable Amazon to deliver more of it's products in place of using shipping companies like the US Postal service and the overnight companies of Fed Ex and UPS.  Prime delivery times will change from two days to one day.  

Amazon is expected to employ over 2000 people when the new fulfillment center opens in 2021.  The air hub is located at the Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport.  50 planes will operate in and out of the hub, with it's growing fleet of Prime Air Cargo planes.  The will also have room to park 100 planes. These 2000 employees will join the 10,000 employees already working in Kentucky.  Amazon also has a Clear Choice Program, where it pays 95% of it's employees tuition.  Amazon plans to create ovcr 100,000 jobs across America in the next 18 months.  
By IncSmart Staff Writer

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